Oct 15, 2016 | Bout News

The Gilded Steak : Scores

by Slamurai Jack and M'Damn Death Rae 

Game 1: Atomic Bombshells 130 vs Dagger Dolls 28

Bombshells won this first round, securing their place to play for the Gilded Steak at the end of the night. The Dagger Dolls would be playing for third place.

Game 2: Garda Belts 80 vs Rockits 49

Garda Belts took the win over Rockits which put them in the running to play against the Atomic Bombshells for the Gilded Steak. The Rockits would face off in game 3 against the Dagger Dolls.

Game 3: Dagger Dolls 69 vs Rockits 58

Dagger Dolls won third place against the Rockits, but it wasn't easy and the game remained close right up until the end.

Game 4: Atomic Bombshells 66 vs Garda Belts 57

The Bombshells took home the Gilded Steak with their 9 point win over the Garda Belts. The Gardas closed the gap in the 13th jam with a whopping 30 points scored by Ida Sockher, but the Bombshells were able to come back in the end.

Gilded Steak Rankings:

1st Place: Atomic Bombshells

2nd Place: Garda Belts

3rd Place: Dagger Dolls

4th Place: Rockits