Nov 22, 2016 | Bout News

Season 13 Bout 1: Super Pack Recap

by Slamurai Jack and M’Damn Death Rae

Debu-Taunts Pre-Game

The Debu-Taunts started the night off with a scrimmage- the Queens of the Neighborhood facing off against Belles of the Brawl. The Queens’ defense held the Belles at 5 points for several jams at the beginning of the game while racking up 29 points. The Belles picked up momentum and had a great 16 point jam, the highest scoring jam of the game, by Wheelie Nelson. They couldn’t catch up to the Queens, who had high-scoring jams by Thistle Thrasher, getting 15 points, and Rockabillie Jean finishing the game off with 13 points in the last jam. Queens of the Neighborhood won with a final score of 82 point to the Belles of the Brawl’s 50 points.


Belles of the Brawl block the Queens of the Neighborhood's jammer.

Dagger Dolls vs Garda Belts

In the first game of season after the mini-tournament, the Dagger Dolls took on the Garda Belts. The Dolls started the game off strong, maintaining a lead over the Gardas up through jam 6, with the score at 17 to 7. The next jam the Gardas sent the Dolls' jammer to the box and allowed Sarin Dippity to take advantage of the power jam, snatching up 15 points. This put the Gardas in the lead, 22 to 17.

The Gardas kept that momentum up with an impressive 19 points scored by Hal'luci-Jen in one jam. Pulling out the stops, spaz cadet scored a 14 point jam for the Dagger Dolls, putting the score at 38 for Dagger Dolls to 41 for the Garda Belts. Shiver Me Kimbers also had a couple of high scoring jams, which kept the Dolls solidly within reach of the Gardas’ score. The Gardas finished the half with a score of 102 to the Dolls’ 75 points.

The Gardas kept the pressure on the Dolls with strong defense and offense in the second half. Both teams’ defenses were responsible for many zero-sum jams on both sides. Dagger Dolls Hanna Belle Lector and Polly Punchkin’s two-blocker defense gave the Garda Belts something to contend with. But the Gardas had 24 point jams by both Hal'luci-Jen and Sarin Dipity, which widened the divide between the scores. The Dolls ended the game strong, not allowing the Gardas any points in the last three jams. Ultimately the Gardas’ tight defense and high scoring jams gave them the win. The final score: Dagger Dolls 124 to Garda Belts 191.

Derby 4 All player of the game: Hal'Luci-Jen


Shiver Me Kimbers attempting to hop the apex while the Gardas keep up a strong wall.

Rockits vs Atomic Bombshells

Defending champions from last season and the holders of the Gilded Steak from the mini-tournament, the Atomic Bombshells went up against the Rockits. Obscene Sheen got an early 14 point jam for the Rockits, the highest scoring jam of the game for them. Dreidel Robber and Volt filled out the jammer rotation for the first half of the game.

Atomic Bombshells fielded Smoka Hontas on the jam line in the middle of the first half, earning 15 points. Freeze Baby and Hurtrude Stein kept scoring like clockwork for the Bombshells while Chocolate Pain, Madame De Stompadour, and Diamond Rough led the Atomic Bombshells’ defense in triangle walls, knock outs, and drawbacks to keep the Rockits scoreless for 6 jams in a row. Late in the first half, Smoka Hontas scored another 15 point jam. The Rockits’ MeshugEnough covered the whole track. She kept screening and blocking the Bombshells, breaking up walls and knocking out jammers again and again. The jams were kept fast by both teams’ packs. Huge hits on Bombshells and Rockits jammers alike sent them flying toward the fans at trackside. At the end of a brutal first half, the Bombshells led the Rockits- 95 to 49.

The second half continued the feverish pace. The Atomic Bombshells maintained their lead thanks to 14 point jams scored by Smoka Hontas and Freeze Baby. Meanwhile the Rockits’ jammers were consistently scoring fast and calling it - hit it and quit it - keeping the Bombshells from getting points for 10 out of the 20 jams in the second half. Scarmen Helectra, back on the track for the first time after an injury, and Animal helmed the defense that was brutal against the Bombshells. After two halves marked by huge hits and punishing walls, the Bombshells were victorious. Final score: Bombshells 158 to Rockits 111.

Derby 4 All Player of the Game: MeshugEnough


Moose Def-initely busts out of the pack.