Jan 27, 2017 | Bout News

Season 13 Bout 3: The Skatrix Recap

by Slamurai Jack

Dagger Dolls vs Atomic Bombshells

Coming off of two successive wins this season, the Atomic Bombshells took on The Dagger Dolls for the first game of the night. The Dolls had some newer skaters on the track- Shock Therapy and Whoopsie Daisy. The Bombshells had a newly-drafted skater, Barbell Fett, skating with them for the first time.

The Dolls came out strong in the first half with a 9 point jam by spaz cadet. Both Jacked Pipes and spaz cadet continued to get 20+ point jams in the first half, which was answered by a 24 point jam by Brickyard for the Bombshells. The Dolls had a substantial lead at the end of the first half with 133 points to the Bombshells’ 65.

In the second half, the Bombshells’ jammer rotation of Riotchu, Rolly Ann Lena and Brickyard attempted to get through the Dolls’ defense, but were kept to no- or low-scoring jams. Chocolate Pain had a great showing as a jammer. Pain was able to push through the Doll’s defense and put some points on the board for the Bombshells. But the Dolls’ defense and nimble jamming by spaz cadet and Shock therapy ultimately paid off.

The Dolls won big- 242 to the Atomic Bombshells’ 106. Thanks to quick jukes, busting through walls, and an 18 point jam, new transfer skater Shock Therapy won the Derby 4 All player of the game. The Whoop-Ass award went to Brickyard for an amazing hit against spaz cadet late in the second half that sent spaz almost into the laps of track-side fans.

Garda Belts vs Rockits

The Garda Belts and Rockits match-up was a nail biter of a game with several lead changes and tied scores throughout. The Garda Belts relied on Ida Sockher, Sarin Dipity, Hal'luci-Jen, and Bri Zuss to jam. It was evenly matched with the Rockits’ jammer rotation of Dreidel Robber, Moose Def-initely, and Rhea Volt. Midway through the first half, Dreidel nabbed 13 points in one jam only to be answered by a 13 point jam by Hal. The Rockits’ strong walls and defense led by Animal and Obscene Sheen kept the Gardas just behind the Rockits. The first half closed with the Rockits in the lead over the Gardas, 69-57.

The second half started with the two teams keeping the score neck-and-neck. Ida would get one scoring pass in, followed quickly by Volt. With only 5 minutes into the second half, the score was nearly tied - Gardas 78 to Rockits 77. The Gardas’ blockers, led by Crust Almighty, were doing a good job at recycling on the Rockits’ jammers. The Gardas were stretching the pack and tiring the jammers out. Baller scored the most points for the Gardas late in the second half when she took a star pass from Hal who had just come out of the penalty box. Baller sped and juked her way through the Rockits’ blockers to get 14 points in that jam.

But the Rockits sealed the win with three jams just at the end of the second half. Volt scored 19 points, followed by Dreidel’s 15, and 10 more points the next jam again by Volt. The final score for the game was Rockits 144 to Garda Belts 111.

Crust Almighty won Derby 4 All player of the game. She was the last line of defense for the Gardas and always where she needed to be on the track. Obscene Sheen won the Whoop-Ass award. She was consistently going chest to chest with the Gardas’ blockers, slamming shoulder hits to keep them off balance.