Feb 13, 2017 | Bout News

Season 13 Bout 4: #Squadgoals Recap

by Slamurai Jack and M’Damn Death Rae

Dagger Dolls vs Rockits

The Dagger Dolls and the Rockits played in the first game of the night. The winner of this game would go on to the home team championship bout on March 4th. The Dolls set the tone for what would be an aggressive game from the start with a 9 point jam by Ova Achieva, while the Dolls’ defense shut the Rockits out from scoring. The bulk of the Dolls’ points in the first half went to spaz cadet, who scored a huge 24 point jam early in the first half followed a few jams later by a 14 point jam. The Dolls were testing out different jammers- Whoopsie Daisy, Shock Therapy, and even a jam by Polly Punchkin who is primarily a strong blocker. The Rockits’ jammer rotation of Jojo Juke’em, Moose Def-initely, and Rhea Volt were fighting hard against the Doll’s defense, picking up one- and two- passes and calling it off. Late in the first half, the two teams’ defenses were almost perfectly matched- neither jammer getting anywhere. Shock Therapy finally broke through the Rockits’ wall and nabbed 4 points. The first half ended with the Dolls in the lead over the Rockits- 89 to 43.

The second half began with the Rockits setting a tight defense, keeping the Dolls’ jammer stalled or low-scoring for the first few jams. In a Shiver Me Kimbers versus Rhea Volt jam, Volt took advantage of Kimbers going to the box to rack up 14 points. But the Dolls’ momentum for the rest of the half kept their score escalating faster than the Rockits could keep up. spaz cadet outdid her numbers for the first half and scored 15, 10, and 21 points in the second half. Jojo Juke’em for the Rockits scored 10 points on a power jam when Ova Achieva went to the box for a penalty.

Despite big scoring jams by the Dagger Dolls, the Rockits played a good defensive game with their players’ sweeping hits, fast knock-outs, and sneaky reverse bridging. But the Dolls’ 3-plus scoring passes on multiple jams and lock-down defense brought them to victory. The final score was 179 Dagger Dolls to 91 Rockits, securing the Dolls a place in the home team championship bout next month on March 4th.

Congratulations to Moose Def-initely who won the Whoop Azz award, and to the Derby 4 All Player of the Game, Shiver Me Kimbers!

Atomic Bombshells vs Garda Belts

The second game of the eventing starred the Atomic Bombshells and Garda Belts, both teams ready to fight their way into the home team championships. The first jam started fast, with the Garda Belts’defense trying to stay ahead of Brickyard, but she was faster. After a brief chase, she spun past the pack, earning the first two points for the Bombshells. Halluci’jen on the Gardas answered with a 15 point jam, followed by a 14 point jam by Second Hand Smoke. The Garda Belts were just 4 points behind the Atomic Bombshells at 39 to 35 halfway through the first period.

These high scoring jams lit the Bombshells’ fuze and they consistently grabbed lead jammer and combined that with strong walls. This kept the Garda Belts from scoring for six jams in a row, ending the first half with the Bombshells in the lead, 84 to the Gardas’ 46 points.

During the second half of the game, the Bombshells kept their pace by taking lead jammer over and over, widening the gap between the scores. But the Garda Belt jammers didn’t give them much room to work with, often bursting out of the pack right after the Bombshells’ jammer got through.

The Garda Belt’s started to put the brakes on with 17 minutes left in the game, slowing the Bombshells scoring to a crawl. Halluci’jen, Breezus, Ida Sockher, and Second Hand Smoke traded off stealing lead jammer from the Bombshells, their solid walls stopping the Bombshells from high-scoring jams.

With minutes left in the game, the Bombshells widened their lead even more, taking full advantage of a power jam. Brickyard shot through the pack repeatedly to score 32 points in a single jam, the highest scoring jam of that game. The final score was Atomic Bombshells 169 to Garda Belts 95. With that win under their belts, the Bombshells will be playing the Dagger Dolls in the home championships next month on March 4th!

The two prestigious awards went to to skaters who were on fire (smokin’ the competition) this game- the Derby 4 All Player of the Game went to Smoka Hontas and the Whoop Azz award went to Second Hand Smoke. Congratulations to both skaters!