Garda Belts

Scootaloo #FU

Derby Career:

  • Minnesota RollerGirls: Garda Belts 2011-Present
  • Minnesota RollerGirls: Dagger Dolls 2006-2011

Athletic Background:

Dance, Lacrosse, Snowboarding, Aggressive golf carting, Park skating (#chicksinbowlsmpls), Going up on a Tuesday


It all began when Scootaloo, age four, visited the local mall with her mommy. There, in a storefront, sat a pair of rhinestone encrusted Keds. The mere sight unleashed Scootaloo’s demons as she dove straight toward mommy’s wallet stealing several hundred dollars in order to acquire such quality footwear.

As punishment, Scootaloo’s mommy and daddy immediately enrolled her into the competitive dance studio to embed discipline and obedience into her personality. They did not succeed to change anything, however, as Scootaloo tended to wear many unruly hairdos and wild leotards.

Ten years later at the age of fourteen, Scootaloo once again stole several hundred dollars (this time from daddy) and used it to get a tattoo of her favorite cuss word and dye her hair blue. Not only did her parents kick her out, but the dance studio did too. “You just don’t match our costumes,” they explained. As punishment this time, Scootaloo was sent back in time to live the Rocky Mountains of Montana. While there, she met a family of Stegosaurus’ and they spent most of their time having tea parties and playing with ponies. One day, Scoot’s favorite pony came to life and said “I can bring you to anywhere you wish.” Scoot said “Bring me to a place of Midwestern Mayhem!” And that is how this young lady found the Minnesota Roller girls.


  • Spaghetti
  • cheap beer
  • A$AP


  • Van failures

Awards & Accolades:

  • Pizza Lucé Player of the Game
  • Season 11: Surliest RollerGirl, Garda Belts Team Spirit
  • Season 10: Surliest RollerGirl
  • Season 6: PBR RollerGirl of Honor
  • Season 5: PBR RollerGirl of Honor
  • Season 3: Dagger Doll Rookie of the Year