Stalker Channing #V

Position(s): Announcer

Derby Career:

  • Minnesota RollerGirls: Announcer - 2013-Present
  • Minnesota Men's Roller Derby: Announcer - 2010-2013
  • North Star Roller Girls: Announcer - 2011-2012
  • North Star Roller Girls: Killmore Girls & Supernovas - 2006-2011
  • Athletic Background:
    15 years of dance, 3 years of showchoir, 6 years of derby, currently a #reluctantrunner

    I started playing roller derby shortly in 2006 after I moved back to A former jammer and blocker, Stalker Channing's love of talking made it natural for her to use derby retirement as the perfect time to take up announcing. A curly-haired power femme extrovert, she is more than happy to talk about the following subjects ad nauseum: roller derby, knitting, yarn, kittens, puppies, kittens AND puppies, videos featuring either kittens and/or puppies, feminism, feminist cats, combat boots, deconstructing gender and/or patriarchy, dark chocolate, wine, her family and/or pets, why you might not want to become a lawyer, and cheese.


    • Knitting
    • Kittens and Puppies
    • Challenging patriarchy
    • Coconuts
    • Hazelnuts
    • Heteronormativity