Saturday July 14th, Minnesota All-Star Program in Winnipeg vs. WRDL and Thunder Bay, @Fort Garry Curling Club Join On Facebook

A blend (or maybe a wintery mix!?) of your Minnesota All-Stars A team and B team skaters are making the trek across our northern border for two exciting match-ups!

On Saturday, July 14, MNRG will battle it out against the Winnipeg All-Stars at 8:00pm. Prior to our bout, Winnipeg's B-Team - the Bombshell Brawlers - will be taking on Thunder Bay. Catch all the fun action for one low price!

On Sunday, July 15, MNRG will take on Thunder Bay at 10:00am.

We'd love to have you join us as we bring our Minnesota might to Canada! Grab tickets for Saturday night's bout here.