Friday May 18th, All-Stars and Nice in Madison for Udder Chaos Tourney, @Hartmeyer Ice Arena Join On Facebook

Your Minnesota RollerGirls All-Stars and the Minnesota Nice are heading to Madison, WI for an exciting three day tournament that will match up the All-Star program with some of the best teams in the WFTDA!

Our schedule is as follows:

Friday, May 19:
12:00 PM - Minnesota Nice vs. Team United B
4:00 PM - Minnesota All-Stars vs. Philly Roller Derby Liberty Belles

Saturday, May 20:
6:00 PM - Minnesota All-Stars vs. Dairyland Dolls A

Sunday, May 21:
10:00 AM - Minnesota Nice vs. No Coast Road Warriors
12:00 PM - Minnesota All-Stars vs. No Coast Mad Maxines

Get the dates on your calendar now to make the drive to Madison! You can also follow along with all information and updates here:

Winter is Coming to Wisconsin!