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Chilled to the Bone preview

December. It’s time to wrap the gifts AND the windows in cellophane. December. Time to slow down on the roads and time to burrow someplace warm. We recommend the well-heated Roy Wilkins Auditorium. December. it’s time for the red and green teams in roller derby’s finest league to play one another.* Let’s get to it.

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The Skatrix: The Scores

Dagger Dolls vs Atomic Bombshells The Dolls triumphed over the Bombshells – 242 to 106. Congratulations to Dagger Doll Shock Therapy for winning Derby 4 All Player of the Game and Bombshell Brickyard wins the Whoop-Ass award! Garda Belts vs Rockits The Rockits in the final jams won a very close game against the Gardas – […]

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Season 13 Bout 2: Pleasure to Burn Recap

by Slamurai Jack and M’Damn Death Rae Dagger Dolls vs Rockits The Dolls fought hard against the Rockits in the first bout of the night. Dolls set the tempo with 18 points scored by spaz cadet early in the first half. Returning fire in the next jam, the Rockits sent Dreidel Robber to the jammer […]

Nov 12, 2016 | Bout News

Super Pack: The Scores!

by Slamurai Jack  and M’Damn Death Rae Debu-Taunts: Queens vs Belles Queens conquered the Belles in a score of 82 to 50. Dagger Dolls vs Garda Belts The Gardas took the win over the Dolls – 191 to 124. Congratulations to Hal’Luci-Jen for winning Derby 4 All Player of the Game! Atomic Bombshells vs Rockits Atomic Bombshells […]