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Beauty and the Bruisers: The Championship Preview

Spend more than a few minutes on the internet and you'll find no shortage of folks screaming for your attention. It's easy to get a little jaded after hearing about the "epic" sale on flat-screen televisions, the shocking kitten video that you literally will not believe, and the 34 most ridiculously incredible photos that will change the way you look at vegetables. Everything is bigger, bolder, pop-uppier.

But if you know where to look in all the commotion, you might occasionally find something truly special: talented individuals, well prepared, performing at the top of their abili...


Roller Vortex: All-Stars Blow Up Mad Maxines 301-84

By: Fire Wally

The Minnesota RollerGirls All-Stars won another bout in spectacular fashion Saturday night, skating victorious over the Mad Maxines, all-star team of the No Coast Derby Girls from Lincoln, Nebraska. The All-Stars again used coordinated walls and persistent jammers to open up a wide margin of victory, winning by a final score of 301-84

The Mad Maxines drew first blood with a 5-0 jam from Christy Johnson, but the All-Stars followed with a scoring run that put them in a dominant position early and grew their lead thr...


Roller Vortex: Minnesota Nice Brake Road Warriors 214-39

By: Fire Wally

The Minnesota Nice, B-team of the Minnesota RollerGirls All-Stars, made their Roy Wilkins debut Saturday night in the opening bout of Roller Vortex. Matched up against the Road Warriors, B-team of the No Coast Derby Girls from Lincoln, Nebraska, the MN Nice dominated from start to finish, earning a 214-39 victory.

Practicing with the Minnesota RollerGirls All-Stars has clearly rubbed off on the Minnesota Nice, as they contained the Road Warriors' jammers with solid four-walls all night. The Road warriors were hel...


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