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Season 13 Bout 4: #Squadgoals Recap

by Slamurai Jack and M’Damn Death Rae

Dagger Dolls vs Rockits

The Dagger Dolls and the Rockits played in the first game of the night. The winner of this game would go on to the home team championship bout on March 4th. The Dolls set the tone for what would be an aggressive game from the start with a 9 point jam by Ova Achieva, while the Dolls’ defense shut the Rockits out from scoring.Read More

Season 13 Bout 3: The Skatrix Recap

by Slamurai Jack

Dagger Dolls vs Atomic Bombshells

Coming off of two successive wins this season, the Atomic Bombshells took on The Dagger Dolls for the first game of the night. The Dolls had some newer skaters on the track- Shock Therapy and Whoopsie Daisy. The Bombshells had a newly-drafted skater, Barbell Fett, skating with them for the first time.

The Dolls came out strong in the first half with a 9 point jam by spaz cadet. Both Jacked Pipes and spaz cadet continued to get 20+ point jams in the first half, which was answered by a 24 point jam by Brickyard for the Bombshells. The Dolls had a substantial lead at the end of the first half with 133 points to the Bombshells’ 65.

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