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Season 11 Wheelies Winners!

We ate, we drank, we were merry as we handed out these awards (and more) at our annual awards spectacular - The Wheelies!! This is a combination of awards chosen by fans, officials, teams, the league as a whole, our beloved volunteers, and math!

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Get to Know Minnie Sorta-Nice!

Seeing as she doesn't talk much, Minnie has graciously allowed me to say a few words about her. If I get it wrong, she will shake her tiny white fist at me.
Minnie Sorta-Nice, aka Minnie, is an adorable, mischievous little sprite. She is a fun-loving trouble maker that booty shakes and high kicks straight into the hearts of even the most unemotional, unfeeling, fun-haters around. She smiles as she taunts the refs, she gets the crowds going, and she gives out enough free hugs to fill all 10,000 lakes. Read More

Upcoming Bout

All-Stars Travel Bout

All-Stars in LA vs. Angel City Hollywood Scarlets

Saturday, July 18th, 2015, ACDG Warehouse

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Angel City