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Fannie Tanner jams against Lydia Punch

Roller Grrrrrrrrls: Atomic Bombshells Claim Pre-Season Dominance

by Fire Wally

The Minnesota RollerGirls continued the tradition of ushering in a new home season with a 4-team mini-tournament. Unlike the season championship, which evolves over months and earns a team the coveted Golden Skate, the pre-season tournament completes in the course of an evening and earns its victor the equally shiny but subsantially less coveted "Gilded Steak". Fans at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium got to see new and returning skaters for each home team show what they've been working on over the offseason. Wit...


Gilded Steak

Season 11 Preview: Meet the Roller Grrrrrrrrls

By Fire Wally

As the leaves turn and a crisp chill returns to the air, fans of the Minnesota RollerGirls know that another exciting home season is just around the corner. In just over a day, your Minnesota RollerGirls will be returning to the Roy Wilkins Auditorium for their 11th Season. With our Home Opener, the four home teams will conclude a hectic summer of personnel changes, intense workouts, and a fresh rookie draft. Each team has exciting new additions and important challenges to face in the coming season. Let's take a look at what's ne...


Upcoming Bout


Silence of the Jams

Saturday, November 15th, 2014, Roy Wilkins

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