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Breakin' Hearts, Crackin' Skulls Results

If you weren't there, you missed a hard-hitting night of exciting derby!

The Rockits bested the Dolls 170-143. The Bombshells beat the Gardas 165-72.

This means the Rockits will battle the Bombshells to take home the coveted Golden Skate! In an equally exciting matchup, the Gardas will take on the Dolls for third place. Be sure to get your tickets now for our March 5 Home Team Championship!


New Year Knock Out: Rockits Pummel Dagger Dolls

By Fire Wally

The Rockits showed poise and control in Saturday's New Year Knock Out event, earning a 193-149 victory over the Dagger Dolls. Though they led on the scoreboard through the entire bout, the Rockits had to fend off multiple strong challenges by the Dolls. In a game that felt closer and more tense than it read on the scoreboard, the Rockits stuck to their game plan and finished the bout strong, both of which bode well for their chances in the Minnesota RollerGirls postseason bracket.

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New Year Knock Out: Atomic Bombshells Clobber Garda Belts

By Fire Wally

The Atomic Bombshells won their second bout of the Minnesota RollerGirls regular season during the first Minnesota RollerGirls event of 2016, a 150-85 victory over the Garda Belts. Led by an outstanding scoring effort by jammer Brickyard, the Bombshells maintained the lead throughout the entire game. Their victory earns them the second seed in the upcoming Golden Skate postseason tournament starting with the Semifinal bout on February 6th.

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All-Stars Travel Bout

All-Stars vs. Rocky Mountain Rollergirls

Saturday, April 9th, 2016, Roy Wilkins

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